Vermicelli Line

Vermicelli is a very lovely product when it comes to decorate a puffy marshmellow or a birthday cake or to put into the jelly on a biscuit. It can be used as toppings also on many products. Oflaz Mechanics is both providing complete turnkey solutions and single vermicelli extruders also with required food technology.

Oflaz Mechanics’s complete automatic vermicelli production line is composed of;

  • Single Blade Mixer
  • Sheeter – Feeder
  • Transfer Belt
  • Vermicelli Extruder
  • Vermicelli Dryer Oven
  • Vermicelli Take off and Cooling Belt
  • Vermicelli Breaker
  • Siever
  • Polisher

Capacities are changing depending on the costumer’s request from 20 kg/ h to 200 kg/h.


Diameters of vermicelli products can change. This can be arranged by replacing vermicelli extruder bronze plate.



What Makes Vermicelli So Special

We like colors even in the food, we like sweets too. Vermicelli is that sweet, shiny, colorfull thing which gathers these wishes on itself which can decorate any sweet at all. Those sugar strands with cocoa, flavor and some other attracting ingredients become one of the most delicious and cost effective toppings in a birth day cake or on a piece of marshmallow or on a tart.

Sugar – Strands

So if you want to start producing this simple but effective product, contact Oflaz, ask what you need. You can start with a simple vermicelli extruder at all, as a small and risk free investment. The rest will follow itself and your bussiness will expand eventually.

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